On the road at last

Today I washed for the first time in seven days. I actually don’t think I smelt or looked that bad. My hair was the giveaway but that was easily fixed by one of the many bandanas I insisted on buying before we set off. Or a backwards baseball cap that Jot cringes every time I stick on. She doesn’t think that 33 year old women should wear backwards caps it seems. But needs must.

Anyway we live in Bus now. And have done so for nearly three weeks. Minus the three days we spent in a luxury beach house over Christmas of course. Living in Bus is brilliant 90% of the time. There are the sunrises and morning runs along empty beaches that are picture perfect (you’ve seen my Instagram account right?!). There’s cooking our food in a fire pit from wood that we have chopped and sawed. There’s the excitement we feel when we look at the map and talk about where to go next.

The other 10% of the time, which is when you smack your head on something for the third time that day, or when you forget to lock a cupboard and everything falls out as your drive around the corner, or when you’d like your bed not to be right next to the smelly toilet, it’s not so great. But then you wake up next to some water in time to see a glorious sunrise and all is well again.

Leaving Sydney was sad. We had to say farewell to lovely people. And to good coffee. On our last day we went for many coffees with said lovely people before hitting the road. After about half an hour on the road and just past North Sydney we decided we were hungry and somehow ended up in McDonalds. Create Your Own get’s us every time. Do you know you can only add the same thing three times?? We spent a third of the day’s budget in there and left swearing never to be tempted by the big M in the sky again. My first meal of 2017 was of course a Maccas but I am what I am, so what can you do?!

The non Instagram worthy parts of our trip so far have been a lot harder than we expect it to be. One of the water tanks is leaking so we haven’t had running water at all. Hence the 7 days without washing. There’s something wrong with the power to the fridge so that died a slow sad death taking all our food with it but leaving a horrific smell. And the engine keeps thinking that the door has come open so shutting off as we are driving. That last one is pretty dangerous and so at the moment the bus is in a garage getting fixed. That means we are kind of homeless and possessionless as all our belongings are in there. If they want to keep it overnight then… actually I’ve no idea what we’d do…

We keep saying to each other “when everything is fixed this will be amazing”, but I think that we are going to have to deal with the fact that in a 20 year old bus there might not be a point where it is all smooth sailing. But regardless we are very, very excited about 2017 and all the places we’ll go and things that we’ll see. Now to the garage to see how Bus is going and if we can get back on the road as we travel towards Melbourne where the Spirit of Tasmania awaits us. Wish us luck!

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