What could go wrong…

Our Toyota Coaster has been sitting outside our house in Newtown, in Sydney’s Inner West for about a month now. So far we have acquired one $109 parking ticket and driven around the block twice. On Saturday we drove it all the way to Bunnings however. Which is about 2k away. And by we I mean my partner as there is no way I could drive a bus. I’m still having my driving lessons in a tiny Punto.

We do hang out in the bus a fair bit on the weekends though. So essentially we have spent our savings on an oversized cubby-house. On wheels. 


In keeping with playing house, or bus, as the case may be, we are going to turn our attention to some interior decor. The Coaster had a professional fit-out in 2012 so it doesn’t actually need a thing done to it. In theory. But there is no way that we can call such a small space with so, so much laminate wood, home for the best part of a year. More importantly we wouldn’t be able to take photos of life on the road and proudly post them all over Instagram with the hashtag #buslife and #homeiswhereyouparkit with it’s current look and shiny silver curtains. And what would the guys who we’ll meet on the road who’ve done everything themselves from scratch think of us?? Without a real D.I.Y skill between us there is no doubt that our random sawing, hammering and probably shoddy paint job will decrease the value of the poor thing in the long run. But at least we’ll be able to call it ours.

Having a measure up. Not for any particular reason.

So we are about to start ripping out perfectly good bits of wood and unscrewing fully functioning draws. Lots could go wrong of course. It has also made us realise that it is time to start doing more than staring at the map of Australia on our bedroom wall and actually start to plan where to go. Should we chase the sun? Should we chase the festivals? Should we really embrace nomad life and not worry about a plan and see where we end up?

But anyway, as excited as we are about our big trip here is a list of worries and questions about all the things that could go wrong for us on this adventure/ mid-life crisis.

  • We might hate living in a bus after a week
  • We want to explore, and run, and do yoga, and sketch and take photos. But might we get bored – without the structure of jobs and trying to escape technology (a bit), what will we actually do all day?
  • We are terrible at making decisions. Even about where to have dinner. We usually walk up and down King Street and end up getting Thai food every night. What if that happens when we are deciding where to go and we just aimlessly drive around Australia for a year, eating Thai food in our bus.
  • We are fans of our separate time. I spend mine watching Pretty Little Liars and going to the gym. How do couples who live on the road manage their alone time? What if she kills me??
  • We might really miss our friends and not having people to talk to who aren’t each other that often.
  • One of us might love it and the other one of might hate it. That would be awkward.
  • If neither of us like it would we admit defeat? Or change our names and live just outside Sydney for the rest of the year. Before”returning” home.
  • One of us might get eaten by a crocodile – that’s my Grandma’s main worry.
  • What if we hit a kangaroo. Would we nurse it back to health and raise it as our child?
  • I often get drunk and lose my bag, coats and dignity in bars. What if we get drunk and can’t remember where we have parked our bus. And therefore have lost all our possessions. Has that ever happened?
  • We both wear contact lenses and we are going away for a year. How do you store… 1,460 contact lenses in a small space?
  • What if someone steals our van with all our contact lenses in it and we are both left for blind?
  • What if we run out of fuel in the middle of the desert and have to choose one of us to go for help. Is that a coin flip type situation, or more of a shotgun call? Do I have to offer to go as she’ll do most (all) of the driving??
  • We’re both pretty sociable characters. What if we don’t make friends with people on the road?
  • We might budget really badly and run out of money.
  • Will I be able to straighten my hair every day?
  • We might not be able to afford haircuts and have to cut each others hair. Would we try our best or go for a funny cut that’s worth the argument after. I know what I’d do for the record…
  • What if the world changes tons and we are left behind and can’t get jobs when we get back?
  • What if she actually makes me drive the bus?

I’m still worried about that contact lense thing. I should chill out. My hair will be terrible for a year but think of the money I’ll save. And if my contacts are stolen then I can wear my specs. And we are going to do some brilliant exploring and have the best adventure.

See you on the road.

The Road House Coasters


4 thoughts on “What could go wrong…

  1. Ha! Some of the worries we considered when planing our life in a bus too 🙂 we’ve been living in our coaster and traveling up the east coast for 2 months now and are settling into the life style just fine. There was a transitional period when I felt like I needed to be doing something all the time but realiased i no longer need to do anything or be anywhere in any particular hurry anymore which is weird and great. Also for us, WWOOFing has been a great way to meet people, gain different experiences that we wouldn’t otherwise encounter and live for free! not everyone likes farm work though. As for those contact lenses, our vision is too good for any suggestions. Good luck on your journey.


    1. Thanks for your wisdom there. We are definitely going to check out some WWOOFing opportunities to meet people as well as hopefully pick up the odd random skill. I follow you guys on Instagram and it looks like you are having a great time so your advice on settling in to bus life is much appreciated. Maybe see you out there! 😉


  2. My wife and I have been on the road since August 2015. Renovating our caravan from the wreck it was.

    We dibt kill each other. We’ve never run out of fuel. But come terrifyingly close. We live off a $250pw joint gross income less $100pw storage cost which we keep trying to reduce.

    We free camp 99.9% of the time. We are totally self sufficient except for fuel, gas (9kg celebrating 1st anniversary this month still half full!) And food.

    We work on the road. Writing screenplays, software or rescuing people in crisis and sometimes getting paid for my efforts.

    As a lesbian couple, we’ve had no problems anywhere. Well nothing too dramatic. There always will be lossets but guess what! Back up. Hitch. Drive off!

    We love secluded river camps where no one is within a kilometer of us. But its nice to hit a busy site and have a rotating door of new temporary friends.

    Feel free to contact us and cross our paths. We’re just north of Sydney in a free camp at the time of writing.


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